Description of the event :

To celebrate the World Day Against Child Labour on June 12, Children’s Care International (CCI) is organising a Happy Hour at the café des arts to highlight this struggle. This event, during which we plan to have discussions with experts and artistic performances intermingle, intends to show how art can be a medium for commitment, and a way to contribute to the defence of children’s rights.

CCI is therefore honoured to invite you to join what promises to be an entertaining and informative evening during which anyone can offer to put on a performance or exhibit one’s art, with the idea of expressing solidarity with all the children of the world.

Whether you would like to participate as an artist or as an observer, everyone is welcome!


A call-out for volunteer artists :

To provide entertainment during the Happy Hour, we are looking for volunteer artists who are eager to defend children’s rights.

Interested artists are invited to apply—whatever your expertise (from amateur to professional) or your field of endeavour (musical, visual, etc.)—by filling out the form at the following site:

Interested parties will be contacted soon!


What is the purpose of this event ?

The World Day Against Child Labour, celebrated each 12 June, was created in 2002 by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to emphasise the fact that millions of children suffer under various forms of exploitation through labour. This is an opportunity to highlight this phenomenon and mobilise people around the world to eliminate the different forms of child labour. Today, more than 152 million children are forced to work, of which 73 million are engaged in hazardous labour. In total, this equals more than four times the total population of Canada. These alarming numbers must push us to do something about it. Because 152 million labouring children means 152 million children deprived of a childhood, and so there are 152 million reasons to jump into action.

For many years, CCI has actively participated in the World Day Against Child Labour on June 12 by organising many different types of activities such as movie screenings, exhibits, interactive kiosks, etc. This year’s specific theme is: “Children shouldn’t work in fields but on dreams! gave us the idea of ​​organising a participatory type of event incorporating art into our outreach effort. Art, the fruit of imagination, is a powerful vehicle for emancipation from oppression, as emphasised in particular by the ILO through its “Music Against Child Labour” initiative.


Our partners :

Café des Arts




Link to the Facebook page of the event :

We will soon announce a specific programme for the event, and look forward to welcoming you in large numbers.