CCI in a few words


CHILDREN’S CARE INTERNATIONAL (CCI) — better known locally as Aide internationale pour l’enfance (AIPE) — is a non-profit non-governmental organisation founded in 2000, working in the field of international aid and cooperation. It has distinguished itself through its two-fold mission :

  • liberating children and their families from poverty and exploitation
  • at the same time, raising the developed world’s awareness of issues relating to child labour by encouraging the public to engage in concrete efforts of solidarity.




Since July 2011, CCI was granted special consultative status by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). This status gives CCI access to the UN platform where it can bring to the fore its vision and expertise, as well as contribute to raising the awareness of the international community.

un partenariat global engagé à atteindre l’objectif de développement durable 8.7 qui vise à lutter contre le travail forcé, l’esclavage moderne, la traite des personnes, et le travail des enfants.

As an organization working against child labour, CCI is a proud member of the Alliance 8.7, a global parternship committed to achieving target 8.7 of the sustainable development goals aimed at eradicating forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour around the world.

In Canada

CCI is a member of the Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI), of the Corporation de développement communautaire de l’agglomération de Longueuil (CDC AL), of the Comité québécois femmes et développement (CQFD), and of the Coalition québécoise contre la traite des personnes (CQCTP).


CCI is a member of the Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI), of the Comité québécois femmes et développement (CQFD)and of the Coalition québécoise contre les ateliers de misère (CQCAM). CCI is intent on playing its role in the construction of more equal and interdependent relations between the peoples. It favors interventions which respond to fundamental needs in the areas of health, education and social and community organization. It encourages initiatives which integrate fundamental dimensions such as human rights, equality between the sexes, and microfinances as instruments of development. In 2010, CCI’s engagement for peace has earned it a nomination as a finalist for the Peace Medal of the YMCAs of Quebec.

What are our missions ?

CCI is born out of the passion and the engagement of a young Quebecer, Roxana Robin, who after having worked at an orphanage in India, decided to dedicate her life to defending the rights of the children in the world. In 2006, Roxana Robin was awarded the Peace Medal of the YMCA of Greater Montreal as well as the Medal of Merit of the Order of the Knights of Saint Catherine of Sinai, for her engagement in the fight against the exploitation of children.

How we work?
CCI works on a global scale for a viable human developement. It fights against poverty and child exploitation and promotes social justice and human dignity. CCI works in association with local partners, acts as a mission guide and a lever to boost the dynamics of development.
CCI understands this partnership as a long term process of guidance which supports the right of the people to determine the direction of their development and to carry out activities in accordance with this direction. It conceives its support as complementary to the efforts, to the know-how and the resources of its partners and the population.

Special consultative status with the Economic and social council of the United Nations (ECOSOC)

CCI is an organisation with special consultative status with ECOSOC since 2011. This status allows it in particular to submit written statements on topics related to our expertise which the UN could take into account in its recommendations. CCI may also participate in international meetings, commissions and summits organised by ECOSOC. We are working towards developing relations with the UN as well as with other agencies in consultative status working in the same area.

59th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

CCI has held special consultative statut with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) since 2011. This status allows access to the United Nations (UN) platform and thereby makes it possible for CCI to bring forth its vision on child labour, and contribute to the international community’s awareness.

In order to strengthen our links with this entity, Roxana Robin, CCI’s Founder and Managing Director, participated in the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women, which was held in New York from March 9-20, 2015. The objective of this session was to take stock of the Declaration and the Beijing platform adopted 20 years ago, to establish priorities for international action in the coming years, in particular in the context of a revision of the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals, and to exchange good practices concerning the application of women’s rights around the world.

In addition, CCI published a statement on good practices to combat early marriages and sex trafficking. As a result of this involvement, which strengthened CCI’s credibility and visibility, it received many invitations to give conferences on its experience at the UN as well as on the advancement of women’s rights in the world.

CCI’s Managing Director had already given lectures on the subject at the Sainte-Catherine Women’s Centre in Longueuil, as well as to the Congregation of Notre Dame.

CCI named YMCA-Quebec’s 2010 Peace Medal Finalist!

Peace is created through one child at a time, one after the other, and CCI creates it each day. Not only does peace play a predominant role in our daily efforts, but we expend tons of energy simply to inspire peace around us.

On November 20, 2010, CCI felt privileged to be among the finalists for the YMCA-Quebec 2010 Peace Medal; we received this honour in the name of Devi, Dhanna, Appiyyamma, Ammorru, Laïla, Pydiraju, Yerrama, and hundreds of other children.