Projects in Canada

At the local level, CCI educates the Quebec public on questions relating to child labour, and encourages individuals to take concrete actions that show solidarity.

Conferences and workshops in academic and work environments

For the past 15 years, CCI has been organising conferences and debates on the exploitation of children in the world. Since 2015, new thematic threads have been proposed: the basis for microcredit, trafficking of women, responsible consumption, and women’s initiatives in the world.

During 2015-2016, CCI held conferences in primary and secondary schools, universities, libraries and religious congregations, as well as during special events, including during the annual congress of Amnesty International (over 150 people registered for this conference). Each of the conferences, regardless of its main theme, is an open door for addressing the issues relating to children’s rights, human dignity, poverty, gender equality, and the importance of access to education. These conferences also show young people the various paths towards becoming responsible, inquiring and questioning adults, and motivate them to be actors of change.

In addition to these conferences, CCI also holds awareness workshops, aimed at children of the 2nd and 3rd cycles of elementary school. Exchanges with students are very enriching and lead to ways of creating a more just world. Five workshops on child soldiers were held in February 2015 in order to highlight the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers. In the course of the last year, CCI has also developed two new workshops: one on the exploitation of children, and the other on the rights of children. Volunteer facilitators have been specifically trained to lead these workshops.

To do this, CCI called on the expertise ofan organisation called Social Justice Connections, which offered two free training sessions to volunteers on facilitation techniques. CCI has also hosted 11 workshops to raise awareness in the Montérégie region in the framework of Quebec Days of International Solidarity (JQSI) [Les Journées québécoises de la solidarité internationale] on the participatory approach of women in international solidarity. In addition to providing workshops to students in secondary schools, we have created partnerships with six offices of Carrefours Jeunesse-Emploi Montérégie (agency geared towards the employment of youth) to propose JQSI workshops to a more diverse audience.

At the same time as it leads conferences and workshops to raise awareness, CCI also mans booths to directly apprise the public about the consequences of child exploitation. These kiosks are an excellent means of communication and transmission of information, because they make it possible to directly reach a predetermined public.

In Canada At the local level, CCI educates the Quebec public on questions relating to child labour, and encourages individuals to take concrete actions that show solidarity

Quebec Days of International Solidarity (JQSI)

For a third consecutive year, CCI coordinated the programming of JQSI in Montérégie, which was held this year from November 5 to 14 November 2015. JQSI ‘days’ are organised by the Quebec Association of Organisations working in International Cooperation [Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI)], in collaboration with regional committees. This year, JQSI proposed highlighting the participatory approach of women in international solidarity and to emphasising, through inspiring and positive examples, that it is up to women to determine their needs, propose solutions and take action. In all, five activities were organized by CCI within this framework. They consisted of: • a photo exhibit entitled “Entrepreneurship: the power of microcredit for a woman and her family” at the George-Dor Library, in Longueuil • a conference given at the Sainte-Catherine Women’s Centre on the initiatives of women in the world • a screening of a documentary on human trafficking (“Avenue Zero”) at the Brossard Library • a conference on child exploitation, girls in particular, at the Boucherville Library • an interactive booth at the Édouard Montpetit CÉGEP in Longueuil. In addition, workshops for young people were organized
in secondary schools under JQSI themes.

Committed Youth Working Together for the World’s Children (JESEM)

Following a framework established by the Fund for Public Education and Commitment to International Solidarity [Fonds pour l’éducation et l’engagement du public à la solidarité internationale (FEEPSI)], CCI developed a project to create and train groups of “committed youth working together for the world’s children”. These committees within the student community propose concrete actions and awareness activities, promote human rights, and fight against any form of exploitation of children. This way they participate in a collective effort for developing social justice on a global scale. The project mainly aims to generate the commitment of young high-school students regarding child exploitation in the world, and promotes international solidarity. To do this, CCI developed and offered to the committees of young students a mentoring and monitoring service, with a dedicated mentor and educational tools adapted to the theme of child exploitation in the world. Mentors are assigned by Social Justice Connections, who previously trained the mentors on their role and responsibilities.