Awards and honours

Christine Durocher, Montréal City Builder 2017

The Chair of CCI’s Board of Directors received the honorary title of City Builder 2017 from the City of Montreal. This distinction is given each year to women who have left a significant mark on the development of the city of Montreal through
their projects and their active role in the service of the city.

Christine Durocher is particularly active on the Montreal scene because of her involvement in defending the rights of children and women. She is also an ambassador on the international scene since she has been with CCI since its creation, and ensures the implementation of CCI projects with its partners around the world.


In parallel with supervision missions, Christine Durocher has led numerous
projects in Quebec such as the Maison de l’Enfance, which aims to improve the
living conditions of the most vulnerable children and families in the Saint-Laurent
neighborhood. This centre, which was built in 2013, has a multi-faceted mission
to help families set in three buildings: a social pediatrics centre, an early
childhood centre and a family home. Christine Durocher is also Executive
Director of Au cœur de l'enfance. Deeply visionary and committed, Christine
Durocher contributes to leave a lasting mark in the development of the city of
Montreal, and in the improvement of Montrealers’ living conditions. The Honorary
City Builder Award was presented to her at City Hall during an official ceremony
that recognized her commitment and humanism.

The 2010 YMCA of Quebec Peace Medal
finalist CCI

Year after year, CCI has committed itself every
day to keep in mind what is at the heart of its
commitment to fight against child exploitation.
This cause is inextricably linked to the peacekeeping issues that are of primary

Type to enter text concern to CCI. As such, on November 20, 2010, CCI was one of the finalists for
the Peace Medal of the YMCAs of Quebec for its work and the projects it leads internationally.

CCI, 18th Best Fair Workplace in Quebec

For many years, CCI has been promoting fair
trade in its various educational activities, and
thus trying to encourage more and more people
to make thoughtful choices in their consumption.
Indeed, choosing to be fair is a concrete act of
everyday life that helps to fight against the exploitation of individuals and
children in particular.

This is why, since July 2018, CCI is proud to have been designated as a Fair
Workplace by Fairtrade Canada, the Association québécoise du commerce
équitable (Fair Trade Association of Quebec) and the Canadian Fair Trade
Network. In this way, CCI once again concretizes its values of international
solidarity and its commitment to the communities of the South.