Advocating children’s rights

Advocating for children’s rights

Plaidoyer pour les droits des enfants

Local partner:

International Apostolate Movement for Children (MIDADE)-Haïti

The International Apostolate Movement for Children (MIDADE) is a child protection organization present in 53 countries around the world. Its branch in Haiti focuses on protecting the rights of children, and fighting against the trafficking and ill-treatment of children. MIDADE-Haiti also works to ensure that children become agents of change in their living environment. This organization has local committees distributed in seven localities of the commune of Jacmel.


Since the beginning of 2019, CCI has financially supported the activities carried out by the Haitian branch of MIDADE.

Context :

Despite efforts by international and local organizations to reduce child abuse in Haiti, it is such a widespread phenomenon in that country that it has become trivialized. This leads to a cycle of violence which is exacerbated by the depth of poverty because parents do not have the means to take care of their children. Indeed, according to a 2019 World Bank study, over 6 million Haitians live below the poverty level on less than $2.41 per day, and more than 2.5 million people have fallen below the level of extreme poverty, living on less than $1.23 per day. As a result, children are often victims of abuse, exploitation and abandonment.

This already critical situation has become more precarious following the natural disasters which bereaved and impoverished the population in January 2010 and in October 2016 in particular. Families lost their homes and children lost their families, thus ending up on the streets. Since then, cases of child abuse and exploitation are on the rise, making it urgent to educate families and the community about the need to respect children’s rights. This is the objective of our local partner, MIDADE-Haïti, which has developed a project in Jacmel aimed at countering this situation.

MIDADE-Haiti organizes several activities (weekly meetings, chats, various workshops) with the goal of teaching children about their rights. The organization also offers awareness sessions to families on the importance of educating and protecting their children.


In addition to wanting to break the cycle of violence jumping from one generation to the next, the Haitian branch of MIDADE seeks to prevent delinquency and make children aware of their rights and duties, including good manners and good citizenship, which are not taught in school. Through activities, children also learn about their rights and the way to seek remedy should they become victims of abuse or exploitation.

Finally, the organization offers awareness sessions to families on the importance of educating and protecting their children. Several educational activities are organized throughout the year. These activities encourage a change in mentality, and parents’ enlightenment regarding the importance of enrolling their children in school and ensuring their well-being.

Objectives :

  • Teach children about their rights.
  • Show children how to recognize when they are victims of violence, and how to react.
  • Allow children to express themselves freely.
  • Encourage children’s good development and promote their health.
  • Help lessen the violent behavior of parents and other adults in the community towards children.
  • Educate parents about the importance of education.