Children's Care International

20 years of fight against child exploitation

20 years of involvement means that some children were able to extricate themselves from the vicious cycle of exploitation and poverty.

It also means that some girls have been able to exercise their rights, and some women have been able to become autonomous.

It also means that some families have been able to regain a certain amount of dignity.

It indicates that a positive contribution has been made as well towards the human and sustainable development of entire communities in India, Thailand and Haiti.

All thanks to the support provided to us by people from here and elsewhere.

Our story

The past 20 years represent countless hours of work by our staff, interns and volunteers, as well as our partners, both in the South as well as in the North. These years represent a wealth of experience that allows us to continue together to fight against the exploitation of children in order to help build a just and fair world for all.

20 years ago, it all started with a dream: creating a world without child labour, a world where children’s rights are fully respected,

This dream became concrete thanks to a deep sense of commitment and passion burning in the heart of one woman, Roxana Robin, who convinced herself that she could indeed make an important personal contribution to help make the world more equitable. She could in fact make a difference.  And so she founded Children’s Care International (Aide internationale pour l’enfance). Twenty years ago, CCI spread its wings and took off!

Over the years, Children’s Care International has experienced a mix of struggles, successes, events and projects. Our fight against the exploitation of children around the world has intensified over the years thanks to the solidarity, commitment and generosity expressed by many in Canada.

To celebrate the occasion, CCI has put together the most significant moments in its history to be displayed as a special anniversary memory book (available soon). Flip through it and discover the stories that shaped CCI. Dive into the heart of 20 years of solidarity and commitment on behalf of the children of the world.


Together, we have accomplished so much.

The desire to build a world without child labour is still the reason why we are still active and relevant today: every day, with your help, we fight against the exploitation of children.

Our achievements during the past 20 years have brought about profound changes. Let’s not stop here. Much work still remains to be done so that we may continue to build together a more equitable world for all the children of the planet.

Continue to be part of the movement or join up today!