Principles and methodologies behind our projects

Principles and methodologies behind our projects

How we work

Children’s Care International (CCI) is keen to play its part in building fairer and more solid relationships between peoples. Indeed, it acts in favor of a sustainable development centered on poverty reduction, the protection of exploited children, respect for human dignity, the inclusion of marginalized groups, as well as the participation and the exercise of social citizenship.

What we do

Shelter working children in a welcoming environment where they can flourish and regain their dignity.

Provide education and professional training programs.

Support communities so that all members can live decently.

Develop programs to prevent child labor.

Establish microcredit groups that increase the incomes of marginalized women.

Offer academic opportunities for children freed from slavery.

The way we work


Build on a dynamic partnership with local organisations that are making a concrete commitment to improve the lot of victims of child exploitation in their country.

Foster the strengthening of capacities and autonomy of CCI partners through a participatory approach, to support a real involvement by local populations in their own development, and make it possible for them to find lasting solutions to needs-based challenges they have identified themselves.



Build on the multiplier effect of interventions rather than a one-off approach, and encourage innovative approaches with a view to sustainability.

Support actions integrating human rights, gender equality and the inclusion of marginalized persons as development tools.



Recognize the global interdependence of our individual and collective behaviours, and their impact on the equitable distribution of wealth.

Establish public awareness and advocacy programmes to mobilise public opinion around these subjects.



Work in partnership with civil society organisations for a better convergence of actions, with the support of a network of volunteers.