Aide internationale pour lenfance

Career-training for young girls
freed from sexual exploitation

Local partner:

Rescue Foundation

Founded in 2000, the Rescue Foundation  liberates some 300 girls from sexual exploitation
each year. The organisation prosecutes the exploiters, and provides legal
assistance to the victims whom it welcomes into its secure centers. The Rescue
Foundation offers health and psychosocial care. Reintegration services and
socio-economic support are also offered to young girls released from commercial
sexual exploitation. Finally, it also offers repatriation services for young girls to
their country or community of origin (such as Bangladesh, India or Nepal).

Objectives :

Build and maintain a vocational training center for young girls.
• Provide access to education and training programs so they may learn a trade or profession.
• Assist them in locating jobs that meet their aspirations and needs.
• Make it possible for young girls to rebuild themselves mentally and
• Assist in the repatriation of young girls who wish to return to their country
of origin, if necessary, and prepare them to testify against their former
kidnappers if they so wish.

We are not showing any participants’ faces for security reasons.

In partnership with the Rescue Foundation, CCI built the Boisar Center in 2010.This center offers rescued girls the opportunity to participate in many activities in order to regain confidence and peace of mind after the horrors they had to face in brothels. It also makes it possible for these survivors to complete their basic education and have access to a vocational training program.

Education and vocational training enable these young girls and women to gain
practical skills and competences so that they can find jobs or start their own businesses.

Consequently they have a chance of becoming self-sufficient and financially
independent. This way, their future promises to be brighter and, above all, they
are protected from exploitation in a sustainable manner.