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The war against child slavery is far from won. This is why Children’s Care International continues to fight. It is a beautiful and immense project that requires a lot of effort. Your support and generosity allow us to continue our work which becomes more difficult every day. We are heartened by your shared vision of a world in which all children are treated fairly.

On behalf of millions of children who will learn how to read, write and dream, as well as all the volunteers who work with CCI, we thank you in advance for your precious support.

How to make a donation?

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  • By mail or in person

Download and fill our donation form.

A tax receipt will automatically be sent for donations of 20$ and over.
Charitable organisation number: 896652013RR0001

What does CCI do with your donations?

For more information, or to know how CCI will use your donation, contact us by phone at 450-332-9799 or by email at

Here you can find some examples of CCI’s projects made possible with donations. You can also read our annual report to know the details of last year’s activities and our financial review.


CCI thanks you for your generosity. Together, we can change the world.

Become a member

Do you believe in CCI’s mission, and would you like to contribute to its activities and values being spread throughout your community? Would you like to be part of the CCI community, be informed of where its activities and projects are going, and be able to express your opinions as to the direction they are taking? Satisfy your desire to ‘belong’ by becoming a member of CCI.

In addition to supporting us, you will receive first-hand CCI news, and will be invited to participate in our general meeting. This is a quick and easy way to support the cause of exploited children!

Membership fees are 5$ and can be paid by cheque or through CanadaHelps.

To become a member, download and fill this membership form.

Get Involved

Make a Donation

Since the Rainbow Centre opened its doors in June 2003, about 20 children freed from slavery can now enjoy childhood.

However, the war against child slavery is far from won. This is why Children’s Care International continues to fight. It is a beautiful, immense project that demands a lot of effort. Your support and generosity allow us to continue to work that much harder each day. We are heartened by your shared vision of a world in which all children are treated fairly.

On behalf of millions of children who will know how to read, write and dream, as well as all the volunteers who work within CCI, we thank you in advance for your precious support.

Give of Your Time

CCI strongly encourages any opportunity to educate the general public concerning the serious problems of bonded slavery concerning children. This is why we are constantly in search of volunteers who are devoted, available, reliable and competent, to work in our offices in Montreal. Our needs are quite diverse (communications, public relations, management, translation, drafting and editing, etc).

If you are interested to volunteer to help us in our Montreal offices, please fill the Volunteer form and send it to us at

Children’s Care international appreciates everyone who is willing to help. However, CCI does not currently send any volunteer abroad. We thank you for your understanding.

Be an Ambassador!

Once a person or a firm decides to support CCI’s philosophy, and to routinely contribute financially each year to ensure the smooth management of its projects, he/she/it becomes an Ambassador(Corporate, Platinum or Gold, depending on the chosen category).

Moreover, as an Ambassador, you take on the task of spreading the word about your favourite organisation, and to distribute CCI promotional cards to people around you.

Advantages to becoming an Ambassador over being a regular donor:

  • Designation of Ambassador (Gold, Platinum or Corporate);
  • A special invitation to attend the Annual Meeting of all;Ambassadors, hosted by the Executive Director, the purpose of which is to present all on-going projects, and describe their progress with the aid of photographs and anecdotes, as well as to introduce new initiatives;
  • Gold and Corporate Ambassadors only gets an invitation to attend CCI’s Annual Meeting (as observer only;.
  • Corporate Ambassadors only benefits of a private presentationabout CCI by the Executive Director, and receipt of promotional materials (e.g. poster for your firm’s staff lounge, etc);
  • Regular subscription to CCI’s Annual Report;
  • Primary subscription to CCI’s quarterly news bulletin;
  • Receipt of a membership card;
  • Receipt of CCI promotional cards.

Categories of membership: 

  • Gold Ambassador ($100 per year)
  • Platinum Ambassador ($300 per year)
  • Corporate Ambassador ($500 per year)

CCI membership and renewal fees are payable by cheque or byCanadaHelps. 

You can download the following form to become an Ambassador.

Call us at 514 871-8088! We will be happy to explain how it works and describe the advantages to becoming an Ambassador. We will take all the time necessary to answer your questions.


Become a Partner

Does your business or organization wish to form a partnership with CCI to help children who are victims of exploitation or slavery? You can contact CCI by calling 514 871-8088 or by sending an email

Are you in retail or wholesale and wish to be associated with a humanitarian cause of international scope? You can help us by donating a percentage of the sales price of selected goods to CCI. In exchange, CCI will be happy to provide you with a free advertising spot on our website.



Young Leaders Programme

CCI is introducing a programme for young leaders so as to entrust young Canadian citizens of 18 to 30 years of age with the task of supporting the charitable goals of this institution.

This is a citizen’s commitment programme aimed at helping to finance CCI so that it may continue its mission which consists in combating the exploitation of children in India and Thailand.

If you want more details, download the following document:

Young Leaders programme

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the following number: 514 871-8088 or by sending an email to

Sponsor a child

Our sponsorship program offers you the opportunity to meet the basic needs and tuition fees of a student in India. Your participation in the program will promote social inclusion and potential development for your godchild. For more information, see the operational guide below :
Operational guide

Help us break the circle of poverty and keep these children away from the threat of forced labour. Starting from 40$ a month, around a 1$ a day, you can sponsor a child and give him/her access to quality education.

You can participate in the sponsorship program by registering on the Canadon website. Then, you will receive by email the profile of your godchild in the next days.
Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 450.332.9799 or by email at if you have any questions.
Children’s care international thanks you for your commitment!




Planned giving

Planned giving is based on a planning strategy for immediate or future donations that reflects the donor’s philanthropic objectives and takes into account his or her fiscal, financial and personal context.

Thus, by making a planned donation to the CCI, you will perpetuate your desire to help children victim of exploitation while ensuring that your donations will have a concrete and sustainable impact. Indeed, planned donations contribute to the CCI’s medium and long term financial stability. Our leaflet on planned giving is available here.

Your contribution is important to us, however important your donation may be. There are many types of planned donations, which all grant tax credits.

Click here to download our leaflet.

Among others you may find:

Legacy donation

This is the most common and simple type of planned donations. Just include the CCI in your will as a beneficiary for a sum of money or goods. Legacy donations allow for significant tax reductions for your family during the inheritance process.

Donation of an insurance policy

It is also possible to name a non-profit as your insurance policy’s beneficiary, in its entirety or for a part of it. Several options are available according to your objectives, age, and familial obligations.

Donation of eligible securities (securities listed on the Stock Exchange)

Donation of listed securities or bonds is one of the most fiscally advantageous ways of making an important donation. It is preferable to directly transfer securities rather than donating the product of their sale.


For more information

CCI is partnered with Leave a Legacy, which leads awareness campaigns to promote planned giving. You can read their President’s testimony published in Le Devoir: Pas besoin d’être riche pour faire un don planifié.

For more information, do not hesitate to call Joëlle Monné responsible for planned giving at CCI:

Joëlle Monné

Tél : 450-332-9799

Courriel :


We also recommend you contact your notary, lawyer, accountant or financial advisor before undertaking a planned donation. It is also always important to inform your kin of your intentions.


Name of the organization: Children’s Care International

Registered charity number: 896652013RR0001

Projects in Schools

Here are some examples of the types of fundraising activities organized in different schools to support CCI’s mission:

–          Guitar concert

–          Lecture marathon (sponsored by the minute)

–          Sale of homemade cookies

–          Sales of fair trade chocolate

–          Creation and sale of Christmas cards

–          Creation of artisanal jewelry

–          Sale of chocolate lollypops made by the children

–          Direct collection of funds


Whether they are in primary school, secondary, CEGEP or university, your students can get involved to promote and support CCI’s cause. Download our fundraising guide.


Become a Youth Leader

By becoming a Youth Leader, you commit yourself to promoting CCI’s mission as well as to knowing and understanding its fundamental principles. Further, you challenge yourself to respect them in your day-to-day life.


You pledge to put to good use your energy and talent in favor of CCI. You can organize a fundraising activity, such as a show, a contest or a sports competition. You can also organize a public awareness campaign on the situation of human rights in the world. The possibilities to help shake off indifference are numerous. For more details or to submit your application, download our Youth Leader program.


You can read testimonies from other Youth Leaders


If you have questions please do not hesitate to call us at 450-332-9799 or by email at


Come join us at CCI, become a Youth Leader