Our history

Children’s Care International

Years of fighting against child exploitation
International partners
Persons whose lives have been affected

Those 20 years of operation mean that some children were able to overcome the

vicious cycle of exploitation and poverty.

They have also resulted in some girls being able to have their rights recognized,

and women, to exercise their autonomy.
They mean that families have regained their dignity.

They also translate into a contribution to the human and sustainable develop-

ment of entire communities in India, Thailand and Haiti.

All this thanks to the support of the people of Canada and elsewhere.

Founding of CCI

Roxana Robin

Upon her return from India, where she had been volunteering in an orphanage,
Roxana Robin decided to devote her life to fighting against the injustices done to
children. She founded CCI in 2000, the moment she returned to Quebec.

20 years ago, it all started with a dream. That of a world without child labour, where their rights would be fully respected. This dream came true with the founding of Children’s Care International (CCI), made possible thanks to the passion and commitment of a woman, Roxana Robin, who decided to believe that her personal contribution could help make the world fairer and more equitable. Child Care International thus took off.

During all these years, CCI has experienced a mixture of struggles, successes, stories and projects. Our projects have grown over the years, thanks to the solidarity, commitment and generosity of many people in Quebec and around the world.

To celebrate 20 years of existence, Children’s Save International presents the most significant moments of its history through a special anniversary book available below. Flip through it and discover the stories that shaped CCI. Dive into the heart of 20 years of solidarity and commitment for the children of the world.

AIPE in time