CCI in the field

In India :

  • Christine Durocher’s 2014 field trip (Part 1)
  • Christine Durocher’s 2014 field trip (Part 2 )
  • A new training center and 6 computers for the Rescue Foundation2011-07  Details 
  • Smiles of resilience: News from the Vizianagaram project
  • 2011-07 Details 
  • Christine Durocher’s chronicles in India: The success of Vizianagaram, Ma pellalou, The Smell of India, etc. 03-2011  Details 
  • Seven rescue operations led by the Rescue Foundation liberate 67 young women who had been forced into prostitution
  • 2011-01  Details 

In Thailand :

  • Hélène Masson visits the Santikham Centre  Details
  • Hélène Vanier’s testimony from Thaïland 2011-12 (French only)
  • Details  and New Pictures from the Santikham center 
  • A responsible and involved local partner 2011-07 Details 
  • Promotion of the children’s rights culture at the Santikham center 2011-05  Details 
  • The Foundation for Child Development: Review of 30 years of Action 2011-02  Details 
  • The Santikham Centre Meets Civil Society 2010-12  Details 
  • Roxana Robin, interview on CTV News! 2012-02 Listen 
  • GoodnessTV, the website paying tribute to good news: Get to our page 
  • Roxana Robin, interview at the train de vie show
  • (In French Only) Listen