International projects

Coopération et partenariats internationaux

Children’s Care International (CCI) is an international cooperation organisation
whose objective is to free children and their families from poverty and exploitation. However support, reintegration, training and child protection, as well
as poverty reduction, and the inclusion of marginalized groups, cannot be
realized in the short term. This is why CCI has worked for many years with local
partners who operate year-long in a field of action that is familiar to them, with
and on behalf of their own fellow citizens.

CCI has worked extremely hard over the past several years and has thrown itself
heart-and-soul into its projects. Thanks to this, it has managed to produce a real
change in the practices and mentalities related to the exploitation of children.

You will find below a description of all CCI’s international projects.

Resource Educational Society (RES)

Educating and accompanying children freed from debt bondage

This was the first CCI project in India. It began in 2003, notably with the opening of the Rainbow Center, a home for children freed from indentured slavery (debt bondage).
Since then, more and more young people have finished their studies or training, and entered the labor market
each year. This project has also had an impact on their families’ lives, since these young people can now help their parents pay off their debts.Therefore, entire families has benefited from their children’s successes.

Microcredit program for underprivileged women

The objective of this project is to support women who wish to increase their income by starting an income-generating activity, thereby guaranteeing the schooling of their
children. Through an interest-free loan program, women can get their small business up and running, and increase their income.

Then, they use their profits to support their families and especially to ensure their children attend school.

Anganwadi School

Since 2019, CCI and RES have
opened an Anganwadi school, which is a preschool for young children aged three to five. Thanks to this pre-school, these tots’ older sisters are better able to continue their own schooling at the regular public school while their siblings are taken in charge by the teacher at the Anganwadi
school. This way, older girls can then be freed from their family responsibilities and focus on their education.

Rescue Foundation

Career-training for young girls freed from sexual exploitation

CCI built the Boisar Center in 2010, in partnership with the Rescue Foundation. This center offers liberated young women the opportunity to participate in numerous
activities in order to regain confidence and serenity after the horrors they experienced in brothels.

It also allows survivors of this type of exploitation to
complete their basic education and have access to a vocational training program.

Kidpower India

Hope School and Louise-Grenier School

As part of its partnership with CCI, Kidpower India opened the Hope School in the Chittibabu Settlement slum in 2013. Then in 2014, the Louise-Grenier School was opened, now located in the Madhavadhara
slum. These schools provide a basic education enabling children to integrate into a regular school at the end of the first year of study.

Vocational training for young women and mothers

Since 2019, each afternoon the Louise-Grenier School is converted into a vocational training center. Sewing courses are offered to young women and mothers. This program
allows them to develop their skills and learn a trade. By participating in the sewing program, women are better
able to find stable employment and thrive. Moreover, by joining others in the school building, they are less isolated and can create a new social circle.

Foundation for Child Development

Supporting and protecting children and families who are part of a migrant community

CCI supports the activities of the Santikham Center, which are aimed at educating working children about their rights, hygiene and health, in addition
to preventing child trafficking and sexual exploitation. Children can also
thrive through artistic, sports and cultural projects.

There are also facilities for children to play, take a
break and enjoy their childhood … In short, to take the time to be children.

Mouvement International d’Apostolat des Enfants (MIDADE) (Haitian Branch of the International Apostolate Movement for Children)

Advocating for children’s rights

MIDADE provides a safe play area for children and organizes various workshops on poetry and arts such as music (songs) and drawing, as well as on crafts such as making macramé bracelets. In addition, members of MIDADE-Haiti organize activities intended to raise children’s awareness concerning their rights, and teach them coping mechanisms should they fall victims of abuse or exploitation.