Conferences and workshops at the College Durocher

CCI has gained much expertise in this field through its international projects, and
is thus able to offer age-appropriate conferences and workshops on economic
inequalities, social justice, climate justice, armed conflict and human rights, and
gender equality and women’s rights.

Each activity, whatever the main theme, is a gateway to addressing the issues of
children’s rights, human dignity, poverty, gender equality and the importance of
access to education. These activities also provide participants with leads to
develop their own power of action, in order to become agents of change capable
of participating in the creation of a fairer, more equitable and more sustainable

A complete catalogue of existing workshops is available below, but our team
continues to innovate by offering to build workshops tailored to the needs of


Because awareness is always at the root of involvement and commitment, CCI
organizes interactive kiosks every year in schools at all levels.

Thanks to its dynamic approach based on quizzes, games and other educational
fun tools, young people are made aware of issues related to child labor, the
challenges of international solidarity, and projects led by CCI.

Contact us to organize a kiosk in your school or college!

Since 1996, the Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations ( Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale —AQOCI) organizes annual International Solidarity Days in Quebec (JQSI), focussed on informing the public about the challenges of international solidarity. As part of these days, events and activities aimed at raising public awareness are organized everywhere around the Province of Quebec.

Quebec International Solidarity Days

Since 2014, CCI has been mandated to organize the JQSIs in the Montérégie region. Each year, the JQSIs examine a different topical issue. In order to tackle the chosen theme, CCI organizes a series of youth activities in various locales (such as high-schools, community colleges, employment assistance and youth centers), and organizes awareness-raising discussions in various learning environments such as
community colleges, universities and libraries.

The theme for this year is inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic. 


International Development Week

Funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), International Development Week (IDW) takes place annually during the first full week of February. Launched in1991, its objective is to highlight the achievements and efforts made by the Canadian community in the field of international development. In the Province of Quebec, it is the Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations ( Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale-AQOCI) and its 67 present members in 13 regions of the province who are responsible for organizing this awareness week. CCI, as a member organization, highlights this week by organizing activities in
the region where it is physically located, i.e., the Montérégie.

IDW provides Canadians with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the
role of Canadians in international development, to learn more about various
global issues, and discover how they can become true citizens of the world by
taking an active part in international development.


Highlighting Thematic Days

CCI makes a point of highlighting certain thematic days celebrated by the United
Nations, either by organizing events or activities or by publishing press releases.
These ‘days’ serve to give visibility to the challenges faced by different groups of
people around the world supported by CCI through its projects.

  • International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, February 12: the
    objective of this day is to raise the public’s awareness regarding the recruitment
    of children into armed groups, and all the violence they must endure.
    International Women’s Day, March 8: this presents an opportunity to celebrate
    all the progress made in the field of equality between women and men, but also
    to call on everyone to remedy the inequalities that remain.
    World Day Against Child Labor, June 12: highlighted by the International
    Labour Organization (ILO), this thematic day gives visibility to the problem of
    child workers around the world, and what actions can be taken to put an end to it.
    World Day against Trafficking in Persons, July 30: this thematic day aims to
    raise the global population’s awareness about the criminal exploitation of human
    beings, including forced labor and sexual exploitation.
    International Day of the Girl Child, October 11: this day, celebrated since 2012,
    highlights the needs of girls around the world and the worrisome issues they
    must face.
    World Children’s Day, November 20: the objective of this day is to promote the
    rights of children worldwide, as set out in the Declaration of the Rights of the
    Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Contact us to organize an activity around one these thematic days.


CCI’s exhibits, intended for an audience of all ages, aim to raise awareness
concerning challenging issues involving international solidarity, including in
particular the question of child labor around the world. Truly, through images one
has a more vivid perception of the living conditions and hardships faced, and
overcome, by populations.

These exhibits are available virtually through our website, or on loan.


In a global society where our every-day actions have consequences on people living thousands of kilometres away, it is important to keep everyone informed so that the public may be comprized of citizens and consumers who are responsible, and show solidarity in their choices. Raising awareness about issues of social justice, human rights, sustainable development and gender equality is therefore an essential mission for international cooperation organizations. Through Global Citizenship Education (GCED), individuals have the opportunity to gain knowledge and integrate values that allow them to participate in creating a fairer, more equitable and more sustainable world.


For more information on Global Citizenship Education, we suggest you consult the website of the Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations (in French only) (Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale-AQOCI) of which CCI is a member.


Children’s Care International (CCI) has been active, since its inception, in education for global citizenship, having developed activities and projects aimed at raising public awareness of issues relating to child labor, and encouraging everyone to become involved in these challenges. By raising awareness and encouraging individuals to get involved in concrete solidarity projects, CCI not only makes it possible for them to acquire a better understanding of the world, but also to realize that they are capable of acting on their own personal level in favor of the causes they wish to defend.


For the past twenty years, CCI has been carrying out education activities for global citizenship in primary and secondary schools, community colleges, universities, libraries and religious congregations, community organizations (women’s and perinatal centers, family resource centers, etc.), as well as at special public events.


If you wish to organise a global citizenship education activity in your community, you can contact us here.