In a global society where our every-day actions have consequences on people living thousands of kilometres away, it is important to keep everyone informed so that the public may be comprized of citizens and consumers who are responsible, and show solidarity in their choices. Raising awareness about issues of social justice, human rights, sustainable development and gender equality is therefore an essential mission for international cooperation organizations. Through Global Citizenship Education (GCED), individuals have the opportunity to gain knowledge and integrate values that allow them to participate in creating a fairer, more equitable and more sustainable world.


For more information on Global Citizenship Education, we suggest you consult the website of the Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations (in French only) (Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale-AQOCI) of which CCI is a member.


Children’s Care International (CCI) has been active, since its inception, in education for global citizenship, having developed activities and projects aimed at raising public awareness of issues relating to child labor, and encouraging everyone to become involved in these challenges. By raising awareness and encouraging individuals to get involved in concrete solidarity projects, CCI not only makes it possible for them to acquire a better understanding of the world, but also to realize that they are capable of acting on their own personal level in favor of the causes they wish to defend.


For the past twenty years, CCI has been carrying out education activities for global citizenship in primary and secondary schools, community colleges, universities, libraries

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and religious congregations, community organizations (women’s and perinatal centers, family resource centers, etc.), as well as at special public events.


If you wish to organise a global citizenship education activity in your community, you can contact us here.