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international cooperation in india

CCI is an international cooperation organization dedicated to freeing children and their families from poverty and exploitation. However, the support, reintegration, training and protection of children, as well as the reduction of poverty and the inclusion of marginalized groups, cannot be achieved in a short space of time. That’s why CCI has been working for years with local partners who take action all year round on familiar ground, with and for their fellow citizens.

Thanks to its hard work over many years and its commitment to its projects, CCI is succeeding in bringing about a real change in practices and mentalities linked to the exploitation of children.

Find out more about CCI’s international projects below..

National Environment & Education Development

Social and economic reintegration of children released from indentured slavery (debt bondage)

This project was the first to be set up by CCI in India, in 2003, with the opening of the Rainbow House, which was designed to take in children freed from debt bondage. Every year, more and more young people complete their training and enter the job market. The project also has a knock-on effect on their families, as these young people are able to help their parents pay off their debts. As a result, the whole family benefits from their children’s success.

Financial autonomy for underprivileged women and families through microcredit

This project aims to support women who want to increase their income by starting an income-generating activity, thereby ensuring that their children can go to school. Thanks to a program of interest-free loans, women can start up their own businesses and make them prosper. They then use their profits to provide for their families, and above all to send their children to school..

Educating girls with family responsibilities (Anganwadi Schools)

Since 2019, CCI and NEED have opened an Anganwadi School, a pre-school training center for young children aged three to five. Thanks to the Anganwadi school, their older sisters are better able to continue their education at the regular public school, while the siblings are looked after by the teacher at the Anganwadi school. The girls can then be freed from their family responsibilities and concentrate on their education.

Rescue Foundation

Career-training for young girls freed from sexual exploitation

CCI built the Boisar Center in 2010, in partnership with the Rescue Foundation. This center offers liberated young women the opportunity to participate in numerous activities in order to regain confidence and serenity after the horrors they experienced in brothels. It also allows survivors of this type of exploitation to complete their basic education and have access to a vocational training program.

Kidpower India

Educating children living in slums (Hope and  LG Schools)

As part of its partnership with CCI, Kidpower India opened the Hope School in the Chittibabu Settlement slum in 2013. Then in 2014, the LG School was opened, now located in the Madhavadhara slum. These schools provide a basic education enabling children to integrate into a regular school at the end of the first year of study.

Financial autonomy for young women and mothers through sewing courses

Since 2019, Hope and LG Schools are converted into a vocational training center after classes. Sewing courses are offered to young women and mothers. This program allows them to develop their skills and learn a trade. By participating in the sewing program, women are better able to find stable employment and thrive. Moreover, by joining others in the school building, they are less isolated and can create a new social circle.

Support for street boys: Sankalpam House

The Sankalapam Home was set up in the spring of 2022 to help street boys. These children, generally aged between 10 and 17, are sometimes orphans; their parents have abandoned them, or they have fled a situation of violence and/or exploitation. Homelessness deprives these young people of their rights, such as access to daily meals, drinking water, decent housing and education. This puts them in a vulnerable position and increases the risk of exploitation.

Foundation for Child Development

Supporting and protecting children and families who are part of a migrant community

CCI supports the activities of the Santikham Center, which are aimed at educating working children about their rights, hygiene and health, in addition to preventing child trafficking and sexual exploitation. Children can also thrive through artistic, sports and cultural projects. There are also facilities for children to play, take a break and enjoy their childhood … In short, to take the time to be children.