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About us

Crédit photo Kiran Ambwani

Crédit photo Kiran Ambwani

Our mission

CCI fights against child exploitation around the world while empowering Canadians to actively promote the rights of
all children.

Our vision

Children’s Care International envisions a world where all children and their families have the opportunity to thrive and live a decent life, free from exploitation.

our values


Creating sustainable and positive changes for children and communities by focusing projects on capacity building.


Respecting the rights of all children to live a dignified life while upholding the universal nature of those rights.


Supporting communities and advocating for the most vulnerable populations in partnership with local communities.


Equality for all children who are victims of injustice and discrimination, with a focus on girls and marginalized populations.

our story

23 years of fight against children exploitation !

Founded in 2000 by Roxana Robin and registered with the federal government since 2001, CCI’s first mission was to open shelters for children who have been victims of slavery or sex tourism.

In June 2003, CCI opened its first shelter in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. In January 2006, a second home was built next to the first building. The two houses received 60 children, from 6 to 15 years old, who had been freed from slavery by various local organizations. Some of these children worked as stone cutters, others as fishermen, others in a shrimp factory. Since 2003 and until today, the projects have multiplied in India in collaboration with our local partners. In 2009, CCI signed an agreement with the Thai branch of the Foundation for Child Development to open a shelter for child victims of exploitation in the suburbs of Bangkok.

More recently, CCI opened a home for underprivileged boys in Visakhapatnam, India. This new project, in partnership with Kidpower India, aims to combat child homelessness. In addition to international projects, CCI has been very active from the beginning in global citizenship education, whose activities are inspired by our field expertise on the themes of child exploitation and child labor.

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