Aide internationale pour lenfance

Our team

Eloise has been an environmental and social justice activist for two decades. Following an international solidarity experience in Honduras, she chose to dedicate herself to the defense of children’s rights in the world. Eloise has nearly 10 years of experience with CCI. With a bachelor’s degree in political science and a DESS in management and sustainable development, and as a mother of two children, she believes in the power of each and every one of us to work towards a fairer world for all children.

Émilie holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies from the Université de Montréal and is interested in the promotion and protection of fundamental rights. Her interest in international solidarity developed while obtaining her certificate in international cooperation. Education for global citizenship is a way for her to raise awareness of human rights issues among future generations and to encourage young people to get involved in their community.

Early in her university career in preschool and primary education, Fannie had the opportunity to work with children in Peru, Cambodia and Vietnam in cooperation with several local organizations. These field experiences have developed a strong interest in the fight for the rights of children around the world.

Board of directors

Christine Durocher

Profondément engagée, Christine est présidente de l’AIPE et accompagne l’organisme depuis sa création. Pour son travail et son dévouement, elle a reçu en Mars 2017 le titre honorifique de Bâtisseuse de la cité 2017 remis par la ville de Montréal. Cette distinction est accordée chaque année aux femmes qui ont laissé une trace significative dans le développement de la ville de Montréal par leurs projets et leur rôle actif au service de la cité. Christine Durocher est particulièrement active sur la scène montréalaise pour son implication en faveur des droits des enfants et des femmes.

Deeply committed, Christine Durocher is the president of CCI and has accompanied the organization since its inception. For her work and dedication, she received in March 2017 the honorary title of Builder of the City 2017 awarded by the City of Montreal. This distinction is awarded annually to women who have left a significant mark on the development of the city of Montreal through their projects and their active role in serving the city. Christine Durocher is particularly active on the Montreal scene for her involvement in the rights of children and women.

She is the Executive Director of the Tchou-Tchou Early Childhood Centre in Montreal. The CPE is recognized for the quality of its services and its pedagogical leadership. In 2010, the Tchou-Tchou Early Childhood Centre partnered with Dr. Gilles Julien, a well-known social pediatrician, to open a social pediatrics center. This is all the more important since the sector still lacks community resources for families and nearly 44% of children under 5 years of age live below the low-income cut-off. It is also one of the neighbourhoods in Montreal where children are at the highest risk of experiencing developmental delays when they enter school. In addition to working in the field of education for the past 20 years, Christine is also the author of the guide Le Montréal des enfants, published by Éditions Stanké.

Hélène Masson

Retired from a United Nations agency for several years, Hélène now works for various NGOs as a consultant or volunteer, most recently in publishing, translation and special events. Having lived outside of Canada for quite some time, as well as visited and worked in several developing countries, she maintains that if everyone took the trouble to get involved – even a little bit – this world would be more child-friendly and certainly more promising. As a mother of three and grandmother of seven, she firmly believes that the kind of future we enjoy will depend not only on the education the world’s children receive, but more importantly on how they are treated now.

Amanda Rosebush

Amanda is a graduate of Concordia University’s Bachelor of International Studies program and has extensive experience in administration and administrative procedures, finance and customer service. She is currently employed at TD Bank. Taking initiative, multi-tasking and building strong interpersonal relationships are responsibilities she is committed to in her personal and professional life. Having volunteered in the international and local field, Amanda is looking to get involved at a higher level of impact.

CCI’s mission is aligned with her values and worldview and that is what made her want to be part of this team. Caring for the most vulnerable, especially our children, is very important to her, as their development and engagement is key to our future. Amanda believes in the power of cooperation, partnerships and international aid to propel all efforts towards world peace and being a member of CCI’s Board of Directors gives her the chance to contribute to this.

Lyne Leblanc

Lyne has been involved with CCI for many years and has decided to become more involved in CCI’s daily life by becoming an administrator. A teacher at Saint-Laurent High School for 27 years, she shares with her students her interest in the situation of children around the world. In addition to raising awareness, Lyne offers solutions to fight against child exploitation. In fact, she has set up and managed a fair trade store in her school for several years to teach students about the positive effects of responsible consumption on vulnerable populations. Joining the Board of Directors is an opportunity for her to reaffirm her commitment against child exploitation in the world by sharing her determination and skills with the CCI team.

Carolyne Lassonde

Carolyne has been a full-time lawyer for almost 30 years. As a mother of four children, she always knew that she would become involved in volunteer work when her family life gave her the respite she needed to invest without limits in projects that were close to her heart. Her love for children, her expertise as a board member, among other things, on issues of good governance, prompted her to join CCI’s team by becoming a member of its Board of Directors in 2018.

Monica Montour

Formerly communications agent for CCI, Monica decided to continue her involvement by joining the Board of Directors. She is particularly interested in justice and social equity. She believes deeply in the importance of educating young people about global citizenship in order to advance our society.

Monica holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the Université du Québec à Montréal and is particularly interested in justice and social equity. In her opinion, these two values should be put forward for everyone. She believes deeply in the importance of educating young people about global citizenship in order to advance our society.

Véronique Williams

For the past decade, Véronique has been involved professionally and as a volunteer in several projects for the education, empowerment, integration and protection of women and children in Canada and Africa. She discovered CCI in 2018 as part of an internship in global citizenship education. A firm believer that citizen engagement and partnership development can create sustainable social and economic development opportunities for all individuals and reduce inequality, she continues to advocate for equal opportunity and fair treatment.

With a Master’s degree in Law and a D.E.S.S. in Business Administration, Véronique is now a partner in a technology and business growth consulting firm. She wishes to continue her involvement with CCI in order to contribute to the achievement of its mission and to support projects that have a direct impact on the community.