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Vocational training for women and mothers 

Local partner:

Kidpower India

Kidpower India is a non-profit organization established in 2007 which aims to create a safer world for children by: (a) protecting their rights, and (b) teaching them the social and academic skills necessary to gain self-confidence and build a better quality of life.

Context :

Before this project was set up, young women and mothers of Ekalavya Village,
near the Madhavadhara slum (in Visakhapatnam) spent several hours a day
(over and above taking care of house and home) collecting waste materials they could resell, such as metal, for pennies a day.

This sort of job, called ‘ragpicking’ in India, is quite physically demanding, doesn’t pay much, and is notably dying out. In fact, the Indian government has recently put in place an initiative called “Smart Cities,” which aims to better develop cities and clean up urban environments.

Visakhapatnam is a participant in this endeavor and now boasts it can provide a much cleaner environment to its inhabitants. The profession of garbage scavenger is therefore becoming obsolete, and soon women living in the slum will no longer be able to make a living this way.

Photo credit Kiran Ambwani/CCI

Since 2019, each afternoon the Louise-Grenier School is converted into a vocational training center. Sewing courses are offered to young women and mothers. This program allows them to develop their skills and learn a trade. By participating in the sewing program, women are better able to find stable
employment and thrive. Moreover, by joining others in the school building, they
are less isolated and can create a new social circle.

Objectives :

• Make it possible for young women and mothers in Ekalavya Village to learn a
trade if they so wish.
• Facilitate their access to the job market thanks to their acquired skills.
• Encourage better social cohesion and the creation of a self-help group thanks
to the support participants share with each other.
• Foster the financial empowerment of young women and mothers, which will have a direct impact on their children, families and communities.